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Person Wearing White Silicone Strap Black Smart Watch Wallpaper Preview
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Is Your Smart Watch Watching You?

The short answer is yes. Recently, The IU Center for Bioethics hosted a talk, given by Dr. Andrew Brightman, discussing the ethics of research involving wearable...

Katie Randall • Date: 11/18/19

Pregnant Woman And Nurse

Moral Obligation of Immunizations in Pregnancy and Beyond

I would like to begin this post with a few statistics from the CDC:Statistic...

Heather Anderson • 11/13/19


Navigating your Alzheimer’s Risk: In Preparation or Peril?

Six months after I received the results of my online genetics test, I opened...

Katie Randall • 10/28/19

Cultural Competency in Medical Research

 Cultural Competency in Medical Research In order to understand cultural competency, we should first come...

Heather Anderson • 10/16/19

Medical Team

Clinical medical ethics conference planned in September

Ethical issues are ever-present in clinical communication. The 2019 IU Health Fairbanks Conference on...

IU School of Medicine • 8/1/19