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Safar Saydshoev

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Employee Spotlight – Todd Grooten

Todd Grooten is the Content Management and History of Medicine Assistant at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. He has been with the library since September 2017.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Nov 29, 2021

Employee Spotlight - Brandon Pieczko

Brandon Pieczko is the Digital and Special Collections Librarian and primarily manages the library’s History of Medicine Collection.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Oct 29, 2021

History of Health IT Talk: How it all began to modern innovations

Brent Orndorff, M.S. has been a senior lecturer at the Indiana University School of Medicine since 2015.  Prior to that, he was the Health Information Technology Specialist at the  IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Southern Indiana, and completed a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics at Indiana University (IUPUI).   He holds a graduate certificate in Health Information Management (IUPUI).  Together with Dr. Taihung “Peter” Duong, PhD,  Mr. Orndorff developed an online elective, “Introduction to Health Information Technology.”  The objectives of this course are designed to improve interactions with new applications, the use of medical mobile apps, emerging technologies in medicine, and prepare the medical student ahead of residency.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Oct 06, 2021

Levi Dolan joins the Ruth Lilly Medical Library as a second-year NLM Associate Fellow

Levi Dolan joins the Ruth Lilly Medical Library as a second-year NLM Associate Fellow. He will be focusing on projects related to data science and data services. We are excited to have him on board.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Sep 10, 2021

Employee Spotlight - Julia Stumpff

Julia Stumpff is the Instructional Design Librarian at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. She has been with the library since October 2018.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Aug 30, 2021

Cecelia Vetter joins IU School of Medicine, Ruth Lilly Medical Library

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library is pleased to welcome Cecelia Vetter as our new Liaison Librarian. We are excited to have her on board. 

Safar Saydshoev  |  Aug 09, 2021

Employee Spotlight – Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson is the Access Services Manager at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. He has been with the library for over 21 years. During these 21 years, he also managed the inter-library loan department. 

Safar Saydshoev  |  Jul 29, 2021

Director Spotlight – Gabe Rios

Gabe Rios is the Director of the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. He has been with the library since January 2014.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Jun 30, 2021

Therapy Dog Pilot Program at Ruth Lilly Medical Library

A therapy dog is much more than just a pet.  He must possess a calm temperament and be ready to engage with all people.  He also must be able to maintain composure around other animals and be ready to listen to his handler at all times.  Specialized training outside of basic obedience is required as well as extensive testing for both handler and dog.  Additionally, annual recertification is required for the dog/handler team through an accrediting therapy dog agency.  Ongoing preparations prior to each visit include remaining current on vaccinations, heartworm/flea preventive, and grooming within 24 hours prior to each visit. 

Safar Saydshoev  |  Jun 15, 2021

Ruth Lilly Medical Library-3D Printing Exploration Day

This session will cover the basics of 3D printing, how to find 3D models to print, the differences between types of 3D printers, the basics of how a 3D printer works, it will explain what a “slicer” is, how to import a 3D model into a “slicer”, how to prepare a model for 3D printing, some tips for general 3D printer maintenance, a brief explanation of different 3D printer materials, and a brief demo of 3D modeling for absolute beginners.

Safar Saydshoev  |  Jun 07, 2021