Roshini Selladurai

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Roshini Selladurai

I’m an MS4 based at the Indy campus, though I spent MS1/2 at the Muncie campus. I started med school with a strong interest in international missions, pediatrics, education, and whole person care. I’m still interested in all those things, except I realized I also like procedures and adults...aka pretty much everything/ I’m going into Family Medicine! I majored in psychology at IU Northwest and, though I despise coffee, I do all my studying in coffee shops because I love meeting new people (“Strangers are future friends” is one of my many life mottos). My relationship with Jesus is the single most important thing in my life. Smiling/laughing is my favorite, along with music, pranks, adventures outdoors (especially if it involves water!), and can/likely will talk your ear off about my mischievous golden retriever (Houston).

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