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Underrepresented in Medicine and Fellowship Second Look Program

The Underrepresented in Medicine Residency Recruitment Program provides funding to support second look visits to IU School of Medicine by prospective residents from backgrounds that qualify as underrepresented in medicine: African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos.

Support is available in increments of $250 per in-state candidate and $500 per out-of-state candidate. Each residency program has guaranteed support for at least one residency candidate. Programs may request funding for up to five candidates per academic year. Funding requests for support above the $500 limit are considered if funds are available.

Funding Process

Departments interested in this program should rank submissions in order of preference. Requests are reviewed by at least two faculty members in Diversity Affairs. Notification of approvals and fund transfers occur within ten business days after submission of each request, and funds are distributed to the department through an interdepartmental funds transfer.

Applicant Invitation

Diversity Affairs provides a template letter for departments to use when inviting prospective residents to visit IU School of Medicine as part of the Underrepresented in Medicine Residency Recruitment Program. This letter has been approved by IU School of Medicine legal counsel and Graduate Medical Education in compliance with ACGME.

Use of Program Funds

Funds provided by the Underrepresented in Medicine Residency Recruitment Program can be used for costs related to travel, housing, and hospitality (excluding alcohol) that are incurred as part of the visit to IU School of Medicine.

Request Funds for Recruitment

All requests for funds through the Underrepresented in Medicine Residency Recruitment Program are due by January 15.

Funding Request