Throughout the year, the IU School of Medicine Diversity Affairs team offers programs to celebrate diversity and inclusion. These programs encourage continued learning and understanding about different cultures, ethnicities and life experiences and are designed to support an environment of inclusion. General and tailored workshops are available on a wide range of diversity-related topics.

American English for Internationals

The American English for Internationals program helps medical professionals develop effective communication skills in the context of the American English language and cultural norms and increases awareness among health care providers in the United States about cultural differences in communication to facilitate intercultural understanding and tolerance. For more information, email Poonam Khurana, MD, or call 317-962-2275.

Faculty Recruitment and Retention Program

The Faculty Recruitment and Retention Program is designed to support underrepresented groups in academic medicine and has been in operation at IU School of Medicine since fall 2010. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Underrepresented in Medicine Mentor/Mentee Program

The Underrepresented in Medicine Mentor/Mentee Program enhances the experience of underrepresented residents and fellows in medicine to ensure that all future physicians are poised for successful careers regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or other personal attributes. For more information, contact Emilie Leveque or call 317-274-1217.

Underrepresented in Medicine Welcome Reception

Incoming medical students, residents and their families are invited to a welcome reception to meet and network with current IU School of Medicine learners, faculty and staff during Orientation. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Physician Recruitment Reception

The Physician Recruitment Reception occurs in the fall of each year and is an opportunity for prospective residents to talk with employers in specialty areas of medicine who are recruiting physicians. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Resident Career Education Seminar

The Resident Career Education Seminar is an annual event for resident physicians as they pursue employment opportunities in their chosen specialty. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Dr. Patricia Treadwell Women of Color in Medicine Lecture

Presented by Patricia Treadwell, MD, the Women of Color in Medicine lecture is an annual lecture series held to transition from Black History Month to Women’s History Month. This lecture explores how the intersections of race and gender affect academic medicine and the health sciences professions. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Annual LGBTQ Health Conference

The LGBTQ Health Conference is an annual event that educates participants on the unique health risks and barriers to health care in the LGBTQ population. The conference also addresses basic elements of transgender-specific health care. For more information, email Diversity Affairs.

Cultural Awareness Town Hall

The Cultural Awareness Town Hall is a formal speaker series hosted semiannually to educate the IU School of Medicine community on salient issues related to current events and health professions. Previous topics include the realities facing Muslim communities in America as well as the role of radical black religions, historically and in the contemporary moment, in shaping African American understandings of spirituality and democracy. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Diversity Month

Diversity Month is a month-long series of events and programming that explores different dimensions of diversity, including topics specific to diversity and inclusion in academic medicine. The month typically takes place between mid-January and mid-February. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Science Stories Book Club

This multi-event book club series examines the impact of science and medicine on the lives of diverse figures throughout history. Recently read was Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. For more information, contact Diversity Affairs at iusmdiv@iu.edu.

Culture and Conversation

Culture and Conversation is a monthly lunch discussion series for IU School of Medicine students, faculty and staff to engage in conversations about current events and cultural relevant issues. Register for the September discussion “Caring for the Hispanic/Latino(a) Community with Javier Sevilla-Martir, MD” or the October discussion “What’s the the Plus?: LGBTQ+ Basics and Beyond with Tristan Vaught.” For more information, email Diversity Affairs.

Cultural Competence Workshops

Diversity Affairs offers presentations and workshops focus on increasing cultural competence and awareness of issues about diversity. Open workshops can be scheduled throughout the academic year, and department members can attend staff meetings and retreats and present one-to-two-hour workshops. These workshops are a great way to help meet diversity plan goals. Recently, Diversity Affairs partnered with IU School of Medicine faculty members and IU Health Values, Ethics, Social Responsibility and Pastoral Services to expand the Cultural Competence topic offerings. Workshops are available in person or via Polycom.

Underrepresented in Medicine Emerency Medicine Scholarship for Visiting Students

The Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine offers an Academic Scholarship for Visiting Students. This scholarship is available for underrepresented minority visiting students rotating at IU School of Medicine. Interested applicants may apply for this $1650 scholarship using the online application form.

Below is a list of workshops regularly provided at IU School of Medicine. In addition, departments may request a custom workshop to meet specific information needs.

Workshop Topics

Presented by Alvaro Tori, MD, and Janine Fogel, MD, this lecture/workshop furthers understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity to help physicians identify and address issues that impact the health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals and develop programs to promote best-practice and patient centered care at IU School of Medicine, in Indiana and beyond.

Presented by Sydney Rucker, the Cultural Humility workshop covers the concept of cultural humility, the process of multicultural awareness, self-reflection, and other-orientation.

Presented by Sydney Rucker, the Importance of Diversity workshop highlights diversity at IU School of Medicine, as well as exploring the benefits of a diverse campus climate for all learners, faculty and staff.

Presented by Sydney Rucker, the Microaggressions and Intercultural Communication Barriers workshop is focused on the subtle, yet harmful behaviors that problematize our ability to practice positive intercultural communication. Areas of discussion include micro aggressions, microassaults, and communication bystanders.

Presented by Sydney Rucker, the Multicultural Competence 101 workshop is an interactive workshop introducing the four tenets of multicultural competence and exploring the influence of intercultural communication on our engagement with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Presented by Alvaro Tori, MD & Shawn Patrick, the Safe Space Training workshop helps participants develop skills and gain a better understanding of the LGBTQIA community. This is a great way to begin one’s journey toward making their classroom, clinic or office a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQIA members of the campus community.

Presented Sydney Rucker and Alvaro Tori, MD, the Unconscious Bias workshop explores how unconscious biases develop, how they influence perceptions and decision making, and their impact on institutional diversity and inclusion efforts.