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for conflict of Interest at the IU School of Medicine

The Indiana University School of Medicine recognizes that there are significant opportunities to improve public health through working relationships between its faculty and commercial enterprises. However, for both the protection of our faculty members as well as the School itself, it  is clear that these relationships need to be well defined by our institution, providing guidelines and policy for faculty members who collaborate or partner with private industry.
As a result of a lengthy process with input from multiple groups and individuals, it has been concluded that a new policy will be established, addressing financial interests between members of the IUSM community and private industry.  This new Industry Relations Conflict of Interest (COI) policy focuses on clinical and educational activities and the procurement of goods by IU faculty and staff.  It is an addition to the conflict of interest policies and guidelines related to research that have been in place for many years.

Download the IUSM Industry Relations Conflict of Industry policy (PDF)

To help you better understand the scope of the policy, we include a page of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  These FAQs will be updated when new questions and solutions arise.

Download the IUSM Industry Relations Conflict of Interest FAQ (PDF)

The new Industry Relations Policy will soon include an additional set of internal reporting questions that will be added to the existing research-related Conflict of Interest form.  The questions will address clinical and educational activities involving faculty, trainees, students, and staff.  We will inform you when the new questions are added.

For more information, please contact Rose S. Fife, M.D., M.P.H., Co-Chair of the IUPUI Conflict of Interest Committee or Joseph Scodro, Esq., Associate University Counsel.