for conflict of interest at the IU School of Medicine

The Indiana University School of Medicine recognizes that there are significant opportunities to improve health through working relationships between its faculty and commercial enterprises. It is clear that these relationships need to be well-defined by our institution and that appropriate policies must exist that both guide and govern collaborations between faculty and private industry.

In 2014, an Industry Relations Conflict of Interest Committee reviewed the previous policy, and created an updated policy, finalized on November 3, 2014. 

Download an Overview of the policy process (PDF)

Download an Executive Summary of the Industry Relations Policy (PDF)

Download the full approved Industry Relations policy (PDF)

Download a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions document (PDF)

The document refers to the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. To gain a better understanding of the impact of the Sunshine Act on the policy, please see this FAQ for our patients as well as the media.

For more information about the IUSM Industry Relations policy, please contact Dr. Daniel Wurtz or Marcia Gonzales, Co-Chairs of the IUSM Industry Relations Conflict of Interest Committee, or direct questions to


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