IU Indiana University

for adverse weather

Adverse weather and emergency notices are posted by IU.

For IU School of Medicine students and residents:

  • First-year and second-year medical students should follow instructions posted by IU. First-year and second-year students on a regional campus should follow instructions provided by that campus.
  • Third-year and fourth-year students at all campuses should contact their clerkship diirector to find out where they should report.
  • Residents are to follow procedures set forth by their program directors.

For IU School of Medicine employees:

  • When the campus remains open during adverse weather, employees are expected to use their best judgment if adverse weather creates extreme travel hazards for commuting to and from the workplace.  They should not endanger themselves nor ignore the statements of local law-enforcement officials about traveling during adverse weather.  Staff should make every effort to notify their supervisor if they cannot get to work, and advance notice requirements for use of time off will be waived.

Closings also will be announced through the local news media, the IUSM website, and digital signs.