Undergraduate Research for Prospective Physician-Scientists and Physician-Engineers

GENERAL INFORMATION. We are recruiting individuals who are seriously interested in pursuing integrated careers as physician-scientists or physician-engineers and want to obtain combined degree training in an M.D./ Ph.D. Program. This is a program for individuals who will commit a significant component of their career to pursuing basic science, biomedical engineering, or human translational discovery within their professional career as a physician. Individuals who wish to pursue a career as a physician only or individuals who envision biomedical discovery as a minor component of their professional career should not apply to this program, but should seek other programs available on campus designed for your desired career track. The program will start May 27 and end August 5, 2015.

RESEARCH AREAS. Opportunities for research are expected to be available in basic science disciplines and through the interdisciplinary centers for medical research.

COMPENSATION. The program will pay each participant $2,600 for the ten-week summer experience, which begins May 27 and ends August 5, 2015.

HOUSING. Student housing will be provided.

ELIGIBILITY. The program is open to undergraduate students who have completed their freshman or sophomore year of course work with a background in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering.

APPLICATION. The application is available online in MS Word Format:

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Application Deadline: February 9, 2015 -- Decision Date: March 9, 2015

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