Student Research Opportunities

Indiana University and the IU medical school  offer many excellent research and internship programs for high school, pre-med, and medical students. Browse the listings collected below.

Center for Research and Learning

The Center for Research and Learning at IUPUI lists a variety of research opportunities categorized as undergraduate research programs, diversity research programs, and summer research programs.

Diversity Scholars Research Program

The Diversity Scholars Research Program is aimed at attracting academically talented students pursuing an education in the research setting who will contribute to the diversity of IUPUI. Open to all Indiana high school graduates in the top 25% of graduating class who have at least a 1070 SAT (math and critical reasoning sections only) or 23 ACT score. Provides free tuition plus book and living stipends each year for 4 years. Research opportunities will be available. Contact Vicki Bonds at for more information.

Herman B Wells Center 2014 Summer Internship Program

The goals of the Wells Center are to increase knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of serious pediatric diseases, to develop innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases, and to provide an outstanding training environment for medical and graduate students, residents, and fellows. Students will be paired with individual faculty in one of our laboratories. Students are encouraged to attend weekly seminars and research-related center meetings each week, as well as other academic events that involve the Wells Center faculty (e.g., combined seminar series, seminars of faculty candidates, Weekly Basic Science Research Forum and Pediatric Faculty Research Seminar Series). Interns are required to make a presentation at the conclusion of the program. Students interested in the Summer Research Program can visit to apply.

Indiana CTSI Summer Internship Program

The Indiana CTSI Summer Internship Program is a two-month educational program sponsored by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute that supports talented high school, undergraduate and medical students interested in assisting faculty members in clinical and laboratory research.

IU Geriatrics / American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) Summer Research Opportunity

The IU Center for Aging Research, the research arm of IU Geriatrics, offers a Summer Research Program for medical students who will have successfully completed one year of medical school at the IU School of Medicine. The purpose of the scholarship program is to engage Indiana University medical students in personally rewarding experiences in aging research and to foster geriatric friendly clinicians and researchers through close relationships with successful role models and enthusiastic peers. The program, called IU MSTAR, provides an 8-12 week intensive experience that includes an individualized aging research experience under the mentorship of Center for Aging Research expert scientists. A program description and calendar are available at the IU Center for Aging Research. Email the program director, Dr. Douglas K. Miller, to discuss research opportunities and interests prior to applying.

Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center Summer Research Program

Open to full-time high school and undergraduate students, this program strives to increase the number of students from underrepresented populations who are pursuing careers in biomedical and behavioral sciences. This nine-week paid program has an application deadline of March 1. High school students applying must have completed at least their junior year and have maintained a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Undergraduates applying for the program must have completed 24 hours of college credit, be majoring in a biomedical or behavioral science and have maintained a grade point average of 3.2. Mentors are IU Simon Cancer Center faculty members.

Students interested in the Summer Research Program can visit to download and print an application or send an e-mail to to request an application. Questions? Contact the IUPUI Center for Research & Learning at (317) 274-8880.

Deadline for application is February 15.

IUPUI Life-Health Sciences Internships Program

Open to IUPUI sophomores and juniors who are pursuing careers in or thinking about graduate or professional school in life and health sciences. The Life-Health Sciences Internships program connects IUPUI life and health sciences undergraduates with paid research and professional internships on and near the IUPUI campus. This academic year program matches students with on-campus and campus-affiliated opportunities in research and other professional opportunities. Interns have the opportunity to participate in formal and informal events throughout the year with a final event at the end of the second semester to present project work and findings. Contact Brandi Gilbert, Life-Health Sciences Internships, Medical Science Building 207,

Medical Student Affairs (MSA)

Summer internships and jobs for first-year medical students.

Molecular Medicine in Action

Indiana high school students get laboratory experience in genetic research.

Project SEED

Project SEED is a summer research program that targets economically-disadvantaged high school students. SEED places area high school students in research labs for eight weeks in the summer. The Central Indiana chapter of the American Chemical Society has sponsored Project SEED locally for 35 years. Contact Dr. Jim McAteer via e-mail at or through phone at (317) 274-7935 for more information.

Psychiatry Summer Internship Program

The Psychiatry Summer Internship Program provides an opportunity to learn about neuroscience research and clinical care in the field of psychiatry through an 8-week placement with Department of Psychiatry faculty of Indiana University School of Medicine. The program offers different tracks at four locations including adult psychiatry based at University Hospital, intermediate inpatient psychiatry at Larue D. Carter Memorial Hospital, child and adolescent psychiatry at Riley Hospital for Children, and basic neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatric Research. The 8-week program is open to four students and provides a stipend of $500 per month (total of $1000) with prorated payment by week if the entire program is not completed. The work week is Monday through Friday with an expected maximum of 40 hours weekly. Click here to learn more about and apply for the Psychiatry Summer Internship.

Student Research Fellowship Program  at the Fort Wayne Center for Medical Education

For first- and second-year students in the School of Medicine, law, or nursing. Nine-week program focusing on clinical research, abstract preparation, poster preparation, manuscript preparation and data analysis of research. Contact Gina Bailey at,  IU School of Medicine, Fort Wayne, IN, (260) 481-6731.

Student Research Program in Academic Medicine administered by the IU Graduate School

The Student Research Program in Academic Medicine (SRPAM) at Indiana University School of Medicine offers its students the opportunity to conduct research during the summer after their M1 year. The main objective of the program is to create opportunities for medical students to experience hypothesis-driven clinical and translational research. SRPAM is intended as a pipeline for students who may pursue further research training and more broadly embrace the career of physician-scientists.

The SRPAM allows medical students to conduct independent research under the direction of established scientists at basic science or clinical departments at Indiana University. Prior research experience is not required. The areas of investigation are broad and range from cancer, stem cell biology, congenital and heart disorders, neuroscience, immunology, infectious diseases, vascular biology, bone disorders and medical informatics. For a complete list of areas and mentors of the program, visit the website at

Successful applicants to the program receive a $4,000 summer research stipend for participation in the 10 to 12-week, 40-hour per week research activity. The program also includes a number of educational and social activities, including a weekly lunch-seminar series. At the conclusion of the summer, each student presents a poster and has opportunity to apply for the Research Awards sponsored by Indiana University Medical School Scholarship Committee for the 5 best research project/presentations of the summer. For more information, visit our website,

Completion of the internship grants 50% credit for level 3 Competency 3: Using Science (Biomedical Knowledge).

Program Director:
Nadia Carlesso, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

For more information and applications, please contact:
Jose Rivera Espada, Director Medical Student Affairs - Student Financial Services
Indiana University School of Medicine
635 Barnhill Drive, MS119
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5120
(317) 274-1967
(317) 278-2691 FAX

Undergraduate Research for Prospective Physician-Scientists and Physician-Engineers at IUSM

We are recruiting undergraduate students who have completed their freshman or sophomore year with a background in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering and who are interested in pursuing an integrated career as a physician-scientist or physician-engineer. Students receive compensation for 10-weeks of summer research. Contact Dr. Rebecca Chan, IU School of Medicine, (317) 278-5207.

Be sure to explore research opportunities at national organizations such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Centers for Disease Control.


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