Indiana University

Other Research Organizations

Amyloid Research GroupMerrill D. Benson, MD

Automotive Safety Center for ChildrenShayne Merritt, Director

The center conducts research to evaluate restraint systems appropriate for children with disabilities; assists with the development of child restraint systems; publishes manuscripts; and designs curriculum to address the transportation needs of medically fragile children.

Center for Computational Diagnostics — Susanne Ragg, MD, PhD, director

The Center for Computational Diagnostics was designed to allow physicians and scientists from different disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, computer engineering, information visualization, and mathematics, to work together to solve difficult clinical problems. Investigators at the Center for Computational Diagnostics use the challenges encountered in the clinic to focus the efforts of our research. Our main focus is to identify new approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer and heart disease.

DeVault Otologic Research Laboratory — Karen Iler Kirk, PhD, director

Scientists in the DeVault Otologic Research Laboratory are interested in the abilities of patients with cochlear and auditory brainstem implants to perceive speech and to develop language.

ENLACE Project - Javier F. Sevilla Matir, MD, director

The goal of the ENLACE Project is to provide and assist in the development of education, service, research and outreach opportunities for medical students, residents, fellows, faculty and community-based practicing physicians while at the same time improving access to health care and the quality of services available to Indiana’s growing Hispanic/Latino community. 

Indiana Children's Health Services Research — Stephen M. Downs, MD, MS, director 

We strive to improve the health and health care of children by developing and applying best scientific evidence and methods in health services research and informatics.

Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences — Gary D. Hutchins, PhD

The mission of the Indiana Institute for Biomedical Imaging Sciences is to promote human health through the application of advanced biomedical imaging technologies. The institute serves the academic, medical, and business communities of Indiana. A unit of the Institute, the Office for Research Imaging serves as a point of contact for investigators to facilitate the use of biomedical imaging as a research tool.

Indiana Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Group  — Xiao-Ming Xu, MD, PhD, director 

The mission of the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Group at IU School of Medicine is to understand molecular mechanisms underlying traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries and develop innovative repair strategies that can be translated into clinical treatments of these diseases in a timely and responsive fashion.

Indiana University Center for Health Services Research — Michael Weiner, MD, MPH, director

The IU Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research is an interdisciplinary research center whose mission is to advance the science of implementing evidence-based practices in health care systems. Work at the center involves partnering with managers, clinicians, patients and other researchers in Indiana and the nation in interdisciplinary teams to conduct innovative research which improves healthcare practice through 1) Identifying and sharing best practices for process improvement; and 2) Implementation of health information technology (HIT).