Prestigious External Awards

Please check at the web site or call the funding agency to obtain the most up-to-date information about eligibility, due dates, and availablility of individual awards.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships





Award Information

American Academy of Neurology

Clinical Research training in neurology


$50,000 for 2 years

American Academy of Neurology

Clinical research training fellowship in neurogenetics

MD, MD/PhD, Do

$50,000 for 2 years

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Career in biomedical sciences award

MD, PhD: less than 48 months of post-doctoral training

Post-doc x 2 years $58,000, 3 years $128,000 on faculty

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Career Award at the Biomedical Interface

PhD, MD/PhD: background in physical or computational science with biomedical interface, less than 48 months post-doc training

Post-doc x 2 years $68,000, 3 years $120,000 on faculty

Lalor Prize

Post-doctoral research in mammalian reproductive physiology/fertility

MD or PhD, within 5 years of terminal degree, not faculty


Pfizer Fellowships

Cardiovascular, infectious disease, health disparity, health communication

MD in post-doctoral clinical training (not faculty)

$65,000 paid over two years

Faculty Fellowships and Awards




Award Information

AAMC Herbert Nickens Award

Med school diversity and health disparity

Faculty in medicine, nursing, law, public health, education. etc

$10,000 award

Alton Ochsner Award Relating to Smoking and Disease

Research on association of smoking with disease



American College of Neuro-psychopharmac-ology

Minority Faculty Research Fellowship


Travel support for the ANCP annual meeting in early December

American Geriatrics Society

Dennis Jahnigen Career Development Award

MD in non-internal medicine specialties, to incorporate geriatrics into their discipline

$75,000 x 2 years, plus $50,000 for research expenses

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Clinical Scientist Award in Translation al Research

Established, independent physician-scientist

$150,000/year for 5 years

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Investigators in Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases Award

MD, MD/PhD, PhD; Assistant professor rank

$80,000/year for 5 years

Charles E. Culpeper Scholarships in Medical Science


Assistant professor with MD since 1997, at least one year post-doctoral training. Any scientific research relevant to human health

$100,000/year up to 3 years

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

New Faculty awards program for chemistry-related fields

PhD, MD/PhD in first year   faculty appointment

$50,000 (not for salary)

Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

Teacher-scholar awards program; chemistry

Research and teaching of undergraduate students in chemistry-related fields


Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation: Lilly Clinical Investigator Award

Patient oriented cancer research: clinical, outcomes, epidemiology, behavior

MD, MD/PhD; asst professor, board eligible in cancer-related specialty

$100,000/year x 5 years, research allowance ($75K) Mentor allowance; medical school loan repayment

Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation: Scholar Award Program

Cancer research

MD, MD/PhD, PhD; asst professor level

$100,000/year x 3 years

Dana Foundation

Brain and Immuno-Imaging


$100,000 to $300,000 up to three years

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Fellowships for Science and Engineering

PhD, MD/PhD, MD within first 3 years of faculty career: not medical research (i.e., computer science, all engineering)

$125,000 for 5 years

Dickson Prize in Medicine

Innovative biomedical discovery

MD or PhD


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Clinical Scientist Development Award

MD physician scientist within 5 years of first appointment to faculty: AIDS, cancer, CV disease, sickle cell disease

$125,000/yr for 3 years

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Distinguished Clinical Scientist Award

MD scientist, assoc prof within 15 years of first appointment to faculty: AIDS, cancer, CV disease, sickle cell disease

$1.5 million for 5 years

Ellison Medical Foundation

Scholars Program in Aging

MD, MD/PhD, PhD; assistant professors in first three years of research career after post-doc training

$50,000 up to 4 years

Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program

Program in Bioethics

MD, PhD. Below rank of associate professor

50% of salary up to NIH cap for 3 years

Hedvig van Amerigen

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine for Women

Institution may nominate 3; associate professor or higher

No support: overall cost is about $12,000 for a 21 day course: borne by sponsoring department

Hemophila Association of New York

Immune tolerance for patients with high titre inhibitors

MD or PhD

$250,000 for 2 years

Jose Carreras International Leukemia Foundation

ED Thomas Fellowship

MD, MD/PhD, PhD; research in leukemia and related malignancies; early career support   (three years post doctoral, but not more than 10 years past terminal degree)

$50,000 up to three years

Keio Medical Science Prize

Medical or life sciences

Candidate must be currently active in his or her field of research

~$170,000 and a medal/two recipients

March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology

Birth defects



Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation


MD, PhD, MD/PhD: translational research in breast, ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancer

$100,000 for 2 years

McKnight Technological Innovations Neuroscience Awards

Brain diseases

Tenured or tenure track investigators.

$100,000 for 2 years

The Medical Foundation Smith Family New Investigator Awards

HIV, cancer, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, and diabetes

MD, MD/PhD, PhD: within first 2 years of asst prof appointment; prior to R01-type funding



$100,000 for 2 years

John Merck Fund

Biology of developmental disabilities: neuroscience and cognitive sciences

MD, PhD; not more than 4 years independent faculty position

$75,000 for 4 years


Pioneer Award

High risk research programs

$500,000 total for 5 years

Paul Marks Prize

Cancer research

Recognizes outstanding young investigators who have made significant contributions to increase understanding of cancer or improved treatment through research. Nominees must be age 45 or younger.

$150,000/every other year/split between three investigators

Pew Charitable Trust

Basic science; clinical science

MD, PhD; asst professor in first 3 years

$60,000/year x 4 years

Pfeiffer Research Foundation


Various research areas in medicine and pharmacy


Pfizer Scholars Grants

Clinical epidemiology; public health, sleep medicine

MD, PhD: asst prof within 2 years of initial appointment

$130,000 paid over 2 years

Pfizer Visiting Professorships


Allergy, asthma, CV disease, health communication, diabetes, family medicine, neurology, oncology, pain medicine, pulmonary, sleep, rheumatology, urology

$7500 to bring outstanding professors as visiting scholars for 3 days.

Rita Allen Foundation

Scholar’s Awards in basic or clinical research

MD/ PhD: Preferably early stage faculty; Cancer, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy

$50,000 for 3 years

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Health Policy Fellowship

MD: mid career health professionals with interest in community health care

$155,000 for three years: first year must be spend in Washington DC

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Clinical Scholars program

Training at Yale, Michigan, UCLA, and Penn immediately after fellowship/resdiency


Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

Individual and program grants

Cancer research

$100,000 for 2 years (individual); $300,000 for 2 years (program)

Sandler Program for Asthma Research

Asthma research by individuals outside the field

Asthma; preliminary results not required.

$250,000 for three years

Searle Scholars Program

Most areas of biomedical research

MD, PhD asst professor in first or second year.

$80,000 x three years

T. Franklin Willliams Award


MD, Junior geriatrics faculty working with subspecialty faculty

$37,5000 x 2 years

Thomas E. Starzl Prize

Surgery and immunology

Outstanding national and international leaders who have made significant contributions to the fields of organ transplantation and immunology

$25,000 honorarium/crystal award/travel expenses for award reception

Tyler Prize

Medical discoveries of worldwide impact

MD or PhD


Walther Oncology Foundation




Warren Alpert Foundation Prize

Cure or prevention of disease

Scientists: MD, PhD.

$100,000 cash prize

William T Grant Foundation

Children, adolescents, youth

MD, PhD; pre-tenure within 7 years of terminal degree

$60,000 x 5 years

W.M. Keck Foundation

Distinguished young scholars in medical research; fundamental mechanisms of human disease

MD, MD/PhD, PhD: asst professor more than 1 year and less than 4 years in rank

Up to $1 million, up to 5 years.

Vanderbilt Award

Woman who has made important advances in biomedical sciences and mentoring of other women




IU Awards Conferred on Outside Candidates




Award Information

Beering Prize

Outstanding biomedical research

Currently active research scientists, world-wide

Three days in Indianapolis interacting with students and faculty; $10,000 honorarium

Mark Brothers Lectureship

Outstanding biomedical research by an individuals of Asian descent

Currently active research scientists in the US

Two days in Indianapolis interacting with students and faculty; $5,000 honorarium

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