About ReSEARCH Connect

What is ReSEARCH Connect?

IUSM ReSEARCH Connect enables IUSM researchers to identify new funding opportunities and potential collaborators within academia, industry, and the broader health sciences community. This resource helps investigators develop “bench-to-bedside” studies and foster novel areas of investigation, leading to strong translational and clinical applications. IUSM ReSEARCH Connect is an essential mechanism in promoting Indiana University and its clinical partner Indiana University Health as international leaders in biomedical research and patient care.

Which researchers are included in ReSEARCH Connect?

The school’s goal is to host a profile for every active faculty researcher. Because the software uses the text of publications to identify expertise, an investigator who has not yet published will not benefit. As active researchers are recruited, requesting a ReSEARCH Connect profile should be one of the first items on a department’s new hire checklist.

I’m currently not included in ReSEARCH Connect. How can I be added?

Each department is responsible for nominating active faculty researchers. Contact your department’s administrative or research staff to request a profile. They will authorize the request by submitting an email to entitled “IUSM ReSEARCH Connect Profile” and containing the following information:  last name, first name, middle initial, department, division/section, job title, and email address. Per the school’s maintenance contract with Elsevier, new profiles (and updates such as investigator photos) can be added daily, followed by a quarterly comprehensive review to completely disambiguate the new researcher from investigators with similar names within the Scopus publications database.

If I would like a demonstration of ReSEARCH Connect, who should I contact?

Send an email to entitled “IUSM ReSEARCH Connect Demo” and indicate whether the request is for an individual or a group.  Dean’s Office staff will be in contact to arrange a presentation.

Which other institutions use ReSEARCH Connect?

Most implementations of the software package that we label ReSEARCH Connect at Indiana University are publicly available. You can access a complete list at:

How do I add information to my profile?

You can access your profile via the “Log into Pure” link at the very bottom of the homepage below the “Collaborations and top keyword concepts used within the past 5 years” map:


Once you click this link, you can use your IU username and password to login, where you will be able to edit your profile and add new research output information.

How do I get technical help with ReSEARCH Connect, such as identifying a publication that should or should not be associated with my profile?

For support with ReSEARCH Connect, please contact

Fairbanks Hall | 340 West 10th Street, Suite 6200 | Indianapolis, IN 46202-3082 | (317) 274-8157