Indiana University

Department Faculty and Staff

Thank you for your interest in our department faculty.  Please follow the links below to find out more about our excellent clinical and research faculty. 

Our Department faculty is growing!  Check back here often for more information as we add new members to help care for patients and educate tomorrow's physiatrists!

Flora Hammond, MD

Department Chair
Traumatic Brain Injury

Nathan Prahlow, MD

Residency Program Director
Outpatient Musculoskeletal & Worker's Compensation

Ralph Buschbacher, MD

Outpatient Musculoskeletal & Worker's Compensation

Angela Carbone, MD

Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

Shashank Dave, DO

Outpatient Musculoskeletal & Fluoroscopic Injections

Kelly Paul, MD

Cancer Rehabilitation

Lisa Lombard, MD

Katie White Stenson, MD

Spinal Cord Injury

Deborah Mowery, MD

Amruta Samarth, MD

Ana Durand Sanchez, MD

Whitney Pratt, MD

Jessica Kluetz, DO

James Malec, PhD

Dawn Neumann, PhD


Jacob Kean, PhD., CCC-SLP


Michelle Keiski, PhD

Rachel Milstead P.A.-C

Physician Assistant

Cynthia Herrera

Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education Coordinator

Rebecca Runkel

Coordinator for Traumatic Brain Injury Systems Model (TBIMS)

Kara Jodry

Clinical Study Technician-Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems (TBIMS)

Christy L. Sargent

Clinical Research Coordinator


In addition to our departmental faculty, a number of excellent physicians play a vital educational role for our residents and for medical students around the state.  They have appointments with their affiliated medical center and/or serve as volunteer faculty.

Indiana University Department of PM&R--Indianapolis
     Alain Delarque, MD
     Jean-Michel Viton, MD

Roudebush VA Medical Center--Indianapolis
     Andrew Moser, MD
     Lois Buschbacher, MD
     Nabiha Gill, MD
     James Lohman, MD
     Douglas Mottley, MD
     Maria Solito, MD

IU Health Methodist Children's Hospital--Indianapolis    
     Kerstin Sobus, M.D.
     Chuck Dietzen, MD

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana--Indianapolis
     Bradley Hufford, PhD
     David Klein, PhD
     Lance Trexler, PhD

Methodist Sports Medicine--Indianapolis

     Peter Sallay, MD

Rehabilitation Associates of Indiana--Indianapolis
     Marc Duerden, MD

Rehabilitation Associates of Indiana--Bloomington
     Earl Craig, MD

     Todd Rowland, MD

IUSM--Fort Wayne
     Joseph Fortin, DO
     Eric Schreier, DO
     Mark Zolman, MD

     Mark Griffith, MD

IUSM--Terre Haute
     Irving Haber, DO