Prior Year Statistics

Below you will find the prior year statistics as reported by the various IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs.  These links provide information about the number of applicants from prior years as well as the various grade point averages used by the specific program's admissions committee at time of the initial class selection.  Please note that these GPA indexes are not adjusted later to reflect those offered admission from a program's alternate list.

The GPA ranges provide good information for current and future applicants, but should not be considered as absolutes regarding an individual's chance of being admitted.  By School policy, "the applicant's grade point average will be the major consideration (51 percent or greater) for admission." 

  • 2016 Entering Class
  • 2015 Entering Class
  • 2014 Entering Class

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NOTE: Admission to or enrollment at Indiana University does not guarantee admission to any of the IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs. To be eligible for admission to one of these programs, students must adhere to the academic regulations of the academic unit in which they are enrolled and meet School and individual program preadmission requirements as stipulated in the general education and program sections of the most recent bulletin. Admission to many programs is competitive; therefore, completion of the prerequisites does not guarantee admission to the program.  To be considered for admission, students must complete an application in the year prior to entry by the program's stated application deadline.

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