About Medical Education at IUSM

The main Indiana University School of Medicine campus is part of the IU Medical Center, which covers some 85 acres within one mile of the center of Indianapolis. In addition, the IU School of Medicine has eight campuses across the state, all of which are located on or near IU and other universities.

Half of the School's first- and second-year classes are taught on the Indianapolis campus; the other half are taught at one of these eight campuses. Most third- and fourth- year classes take place in Indianapolis. During the third and fourth years, the MD students participate in rotations to physician offices and hospitals throughout the state.

Further, the IUSM student curriculum is undergoing fundamental changes that will provide, among other things, early and meaningful exposure to patients.

We encourage current and prospective students to explore the Medical Student Affairs and the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education sites for details about academic life and the upcoming curricular changes at the IU School of Medicine.

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