IU Indiana University

Executive Leadership

Jay L. Hess, M.D., Ph.D., M.H.S.A, dean of the IU School of Medicine
Vice President for University Clinical Affairs, Indiana University

Clinical Cabinet

John F. Fitzgerald, MD, MBA, executive associate dean of Clinical Affairs
Eric S. Williams, MD, associate dean of IU Health Affairs
Lisa E. Harris, MD, associate dean of Eskenazi Affairs
Kenneth E. Klotz, Jr., MD, associate dean of VA Affairs
David Crabb, MD, chair, Department of Medicine
Herbert E. Cushing III, MD, chief medical officer, IU Hospital & medical director, IU Health Physicians
Howard Eigen, MD, chief, Pediatric Pulmonary Disease

Faculty Affairs & Professional Development

Stephen P. Bogdewic, PhD, executive associate dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Deborah K. Cowley, director of Academic Administration and Human Resource Services
Mary E. Dankoski, PhD, associate dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Emily Walvoord, MD, assistant dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Megan M. Palmer, PhD, assistant dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
vacant, associate dean of Diversity Affairs
Javier Sevilla-Martir, MD, assistant dean of Diversity Affairs
Krista Hoffmann-Longtin, director of Programs and Evaluation for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

Educational Affairs

Maryellen E. Gusic, MD, executive associate dean of Educational Affairs
Sheryl Allen, MD, associate dean of Medical Student Affairs
Patrick Bankston, PhD, associate dean & director, IUSM-Northwest
Steven Becker, MD, associate dean & director, IUSM-Evansville
James J. Brokaw, PhD, MPH, associate dean of Admissions
Fen-Lei Chang, MD, PhD, associate dean & director, IUSM-Fort Wayne
Gordon Coppoc, DVM, PhD, associate dean & director of IUSM-Lafayette
Alex Djuricich, associate dean of Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Peter Duong, PhD, associate dean & director, IUSM-Terre Haute
Sara Grethlein, MD, associate dean of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)
Butch Humbert, MD, assistant dean of Curriculum in Clinical Sciences
vacant, associate dean for Research in Medical Education (RIME)
Peter M. Nalin, MD, associate dean of Graduate Medical Education (GME)
Rudolph Navari, MD, PhD, associate dean & director, IUSM-South Bend
Marti Reeser, EdD, interim director of Ruth Lilly Medical Library & director, Health Professions Programs
Mark F. Seifert, PhD, assistant dean of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)
Ronald Shew, PhD, director of MS in Medical Science Program
Derron Bishop, PhD, interim associate dean & director of IUSM-Muncie
John Watkins III, PhD, associate dean & director, Medical Sciences Program-Bloomington

Research Affairs

David S. Wilkes, MD, executive associate dean of Research Affairs
Richard J. Kovacs, MD, associate dean of Clinical Research
William Tierney, MD, associate dean of clinical effectiveness research & president and CEO of Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
Eric Meslin, PhD, associate dean of bioethics & director of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics
Randy R. Brutkiewicz, PhD, associate dean of Graduate Studies
Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD, associate dean of Translational Research
J. Thomas Callaghan, MD, PhD, associate dean of VA Research
Aaron Carroll, MD, assistant dean for Clinical Outcomes
Mervin C. Yoder Jr., MD, assistant dean for Entrepreneurial Research
Patrick J. Loehrer, MD, director of the IU Simon Cancer Center
Debra Hickman, DVM, MS, DACLAM, director, Lab Animal Resource Center (LARC)
Robert Aull, contact for research affairs and director of research administration

Administrative Services

Katherine L. Peck, MBA, executive associate dean of Administrative Services
Jeremy Alltop, associate chief financial officer for Financial Services
Robert Aull, director of Research Administration
Nathan Bohlmann, director of Business Intelligence and Operational Performance
Deborah Cowley, director of Human Resources Services
Vicki Croddy, associate director of Decision Support
Karen Correll, director of Facility Planning and Operations
Mike Dance, associate director for Educational Operations Services
Judy Kendall, PMP, director of Project Management
Sue Knight, assistant director of Process Improvement 
Vincent Sheehan, chief information officer and associate dean, Information Services and Technology Management (ISTM)
Thomas Weinzerl, director of Visual Media

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