The IU School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications oversees the school's media relations and general marketing program as well as its digital assets, including the website, blogs and social channels.

Media Inquiries
Contact us to set up interviews with School faculty and other department contacts for news outlets, bloggers, community leaders, donor group and other interested entities.

Social Channels
Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook (IU Medicine), Twitter (@iumedschool), YouTube and Instagram (@iumedschool), and tag us (#iumedschool, #iuschoolofmedicine, #iusm) to stay in touch.

MedTV is a digital signage system with 11 screens across core IUSM buildings on the Indianapolis campus as well as HITS, BRT, and IUSM Neurosciences Research Building. To learn how submit events to MedTV, please read the submission guidelines. To ensure adequate time for approval and circulation, please submit events at least two weeks prior to the event date.

Fairbanks Hall | 340 West 10th Street, Suite 6200 | Indianapolis, IN 46202-3082 | (317) 274-8157